Marketing in Competitive Local Business Niches

How do you market your local business if it’s in one of the “tough” categories? Businesses like:

  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Landscaping

The simple answer is with a focused web presence that ranks well for action-provoking keyword phrases and great online testimonials that drive people back to the site where you can persuade them to take action like calling your business.

By focused, I mean that you want people to have ready access on their computer or mobile device to information that is easy to digest and shows people that you are the one to call or contact. That means making sure that the mobile face of your site reads well on a smart phone which, for the vast majority of local business owners means choosing a responsive site solution, be it WordPress, Drupal or some other platform.

There is no easy way to rank for keywords in this space. It’s really a matter of persistence and commitment to:

  • Getting great content on your site
  • Promoting the heck out of said content
  • Designing the pages people land on so that people are enticed to take action or at the very least, explore your site further

You are going to need a plan for that and probably some help to do it. Why not contact Tenon SEM and see what it would take to make this happen?