Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Optimization

Remember: Social media is just ONE component of marketing.

Let’s just get that out of the way right now. Social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all the rest are becoming established parts of total marketing strategies. A Facebook page, no matter how active or popular it is, will not make you the next Microsoft or Old Navy on its own. In some cases, it’s not even a very good platform for interaction with your fans and customers. I’m not sure how many F-35 fighter jets have been sold because of Twitter.

That being said, social media is very good at building trust, engaging customers and helping with customer service at the small business level. Indeed, The Home Depot has dozens of employees dedicated to assisting customers and disseminating information about promotions, socially responsible initiatives, etc. There is a lot of effort put forth in social media and utilizing it in your businesses marketing plan can be an excellent way to build brand loyalty and make your customer understand that you appreciate their patronage.

In case your haven’t guessed it by now, social media efforts can be very time consuming so you have to know how to use automation in your favor so you don’t spend half your day lost in a maze of criss-crossing conversations. Here, Tenon can be your guide and architect so you can keep the yard looking nice without getting too far into the weeds.