Email Marketing Basics

Email marketing still works. That’s one of the biggest messages that I can impart to my friends with local businesses. A good list of people who want to hear from your business can outperform all other methods of local marketing, sometimes combined. In addition, it’s not as difficult to do email marketing as it used to be. Many services offer ready-made templates that you can use right out of the box or modify to suit your needs. When tied to your ecommerce system, automatically scheduled emails can improve your customer service and take a load off of your staff.

Let me ask you a question. Where did you read the last email that was sent to you? For many of us, that answer would be on their smart phones. Better still, it was probably read by someone that was some place nowhere near their desktop or laptop computer. Now that’s an improvement in reach if there ever was one. In fact, mobile phones probably saved email marketing as it’s now easier than ever to get emails anywhere there’s mobile data or wireless. Particularly in the consumer space, this is a huge advantage.

If you are wondering how to get involved, contact us and let’s schedule a call. A good email campaign could drive your next customer to you.