Wahsega Labs Commits Strongly to Content Marketing

wahsega emblem

Georgia-based IP audio technology company Wahsega Labs knows that to sell their products, people have to know about them. So they set out on an ambitious mission to spread news, white papers, blogs and any other useful publication anywhere a potential customer might be. Management recognized early on that their products fit well with both large and small facilities so outreach channels were carefully researched to touch niches ranging from technology integrators and installers all the way up to state and federal governmental facilities.

With such a broad range of potential clients, tailoring messaging to each outlet and each audience is crucial. Support and communications are emphasized for the small and medium clients because of how agile this segment has to be in their day-to-day operations. Interviews with current installers and integrators are attractive to other potential small business owners. Really emphasizing that their products are made and sourced in the U.S. hits home with the group and their ability to easily pick up the phone and connect sits rather well.

Reaching large institutions takes a whole different approach. Building a rich library of case studies and white papers shows larger clients the depth of Wahsega Lab’s expertise. Keeping a constant presence in technology news outlets as well as regular press releases keys brand awareness efforts. It isn’t enough to be established as one of the biggest names in niche IP audio equipment. It is important to have plenty of beefy historical documentation to back experience with a polished image.

For smaller companies that desire a place setting at the table with the big fish, studying Wahsega’s content efforts are a great place to start.